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Monday, March 19, 2018


We all love to read which celebrity or model uses which makeup or skincare product but honestly I do not believe ad type interviews; that they give product names they get paid millions and be the face of some company.

I don't buy any advice from a celebrity / model who's plugging the brand she's endorsing - which, come to think of it, any celebrity / model /(nowadays influencer) with a million-dollar-beauty contract does.

I like to read independent interviews or independent personal sayings like she is not a face of one brand and the brands she uses are random or pharmacy or general products known well.

I love reading beauty sections of magazines especially when they do what is in her makeup bag kinda content. I really like to see what is in real makeup artists' bags with tons of inspiration. I also like to ask MUA at counters like MAC so they give out their honest personal picks or what sell most.

Saturday, March 17, 2018



Sans Souci floral shirt
175 DKK -

Tory Burch pink jacket
6.050 DKK -

Miu Miu wrap skirt
7.220 DKK -

Adidas originals shoes
515 DKK -

Opening Ceremony zip bag
555 DKK -

Tote handbag
210 DKK -

Le Specs cat-eye glasses
720 DKK -

Ocean wall art
97 DKK -

Sunday, March 11, 2018



Gucci pink shirt
5.750 DKK -

MDS Stripes white crop top
1.215 DKK -

Yves Saint Laurent leather motorcycle jacket
30.200 DKK -

Alyx olive green jacket
3.225 DKK -

Givenchy short skirt
3.815 DKK -

Miss Selfridge blue jeans
425 DKK -

Reebok leather shoes
1.515 DKK -

Adidas Originals flat shoes
620 DKK -

Cateye sunglasses
30 DKK -

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Cool babe style

Cool babe style

Short sleeve t shirt
73 DKK -

Acne Studios real leather jacket
7.450 DKK -

Skinny jeans
230 DKK -

Reebok shoes
1.515 DKK -

Givenchy handbag
12.125 DKK -

Alexander Wang waist fanny pack
4.770 DKK -

Oval sunglasses
60 DKK -

Going out

Going out

Yves Saint Laurent floral printed dress
13.740 DKK -

MANGO leather biker jacket
1.005 DKK -

Reebok vintage shoes
1.515 DKK -

Nike trainers
640 DKK -

Nike trainers
780 DKK -

Le Specs sunglasses
725 DKK -

Reebok mens shoes
565 DKK -

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Guess what? It snows almost every day here in Denmark and my parents live in Aegean part of Turkey and telling me spring weather is there and they hardly wear a light spring jacket while we have minus degree temperatures every day and super cold. Surprisingly I shopped online from Zara buying some key spring pieces online also checking Weekday and Cheap Monday stores here to catch up with Scandinavian local street style we have here. I go sit in a cafe and watch people pass by and what they wear and it fascinates me how Danish girls adopt trends so quickly and wear them every day. I did not get to experience it when I lived in Istanbul even in posh parts of the city. I am not talking something I observed in London where street style was so very experimental. I am so very fascinated by results cause for many years I followed and read Swedish fashion blogs online and they were so obsessed and quick to buy and wear world fashion trends while I was so very not into buying most of the trends of those moments. and I was wondering why they buy and wear trends so quickly. I still could not find it and I will work on it. Maybe Scandinavian girls just love fashion and follow trends religiously. Everything they wear is very well calculated from brand to color nothing is coincidence. Trust me. I think biggest fashion trendsetter was Kanye sending an e-mail to Kim telling small slim sunglasses are in and she can not wear big sunglasses anymore (they are out). I searched online and saw most big retailers could not take position and put slim small sunglass options on their virtual shelves. Can you believe that they still sell old big frames all over? So non fashionable. I got my small slim sunglasses from Weekday and Zara. Can not wait to wear them on but it is snowing. I've also got my 90s vibe on my spring 2018 personal style moodboard. 

Yes before every season I checked billion of images and blogs and lookbooks and online stores and celeb styles and save the images those inspire me and then I create an inspiration for personal style folder and write down the trends, styles, silhouettes I want to put on that upcoming season due to trends and whats hot and what works and what I can afford. It is that complicated and well worked. Every season. I am very proud of my current style file ready for SS2018. I love being my own personal stylist.

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