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Monday, August 21, 2017


hej venner! jeg sælger denne pestemaler i billeder. jeg kan vise dem til dig, hvis du er interesseret. Du kan pm mig   Jeg købte dem da jeg var i Buldan, Tyrkiet, hvor de er er håndstruktureret. De er meget højkvalitetet tekstiler. Du kan bruge dem som håndklæde efter bad. De er let vægt og let at bære ( light weight and easy to carry). Nogle af dem kan du bruge som halstørklæde. Jeg ville skrive i billeder om bruge. pm me if you are interested to buy or ask 

information: Peshtemals are not your average terry-cloth; they are extremely strong and durable, absorb water as fast as a traditional towel, dry very quickly, take up a tiny amount of packing space, are easy to carry and thus are commonly used as an alternative to the towel in bathrooms, saunas, pools, spas and beaches as well as for yoga, meditation and sports facilities – even for baby care. Simply great for camping, caravanning, sailing and all outdoor activities!

These large, tightly flat-woven multipurpose clothes are velvety soft and feature a stylish handcrafted fringe that makes them chic as well as practical. They’re also magnificently versatile! These multipurpose cloths can be used as a home textile like a table runner, for sofa throws and even impromptu picnic blankets and can be worn around the body like a sarong or pareo for a chic cover-up as it is light and airy which feels silky and great against the skin

scarf with blue beads, halstørklæde med blå perler, høj kvalitet, 200 DKK ^^

scarf with blue beads, halstørklæde med blå perler, høj kvalitet, 200 DKK ^^

pestemal blå. 150 dkk ^^

pestemal grøn. 100 dkk ^^^
pestemal grøn. 100 dkk^^^

PINK Mellemstørrelse dug med blå perler, pink medium size tablecloth with blue beads, 150 dkk så smuk

PINK Mellemstørrelse dug med blå perler, pink medium size tablecloth with blue beads, 150 dkk så smuk ^^^^

PINK Mellemstørrelse dug med blå perler, pink medium size tablecloth with blue beads, 150 dkk så smuk^^^^^

pestemal yellow.gul 150 dkk^^

pestemal yellow.gul 150 dkk ^^^^


beautiful hand textured rainbow scarf in 14 colours- Smuk håndtekstur regnbue halstørklæde i14 farve . 300 dkk ^^^

beautiful hand textured rainbow scarf in 14 colours- Smuk håndtekstur regnbue halstørklæde i14 farve . 300 dkk ^^^

så smuk og høj kvalitet i blå nuancer halstørklæde Bomuld og viskose tekstur, 250 dkk

high quality beautiful in blue shades scarf. cotton and viscose textured. very soft. 250 dkk ^^

SKRIV til mig hvis du er interesseret :  jeg sælger dem i Aarhus, Danmark. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017


I guess I won't be following most fall 2017 trends due to I choose style not trends. Those slouchy boots? nej tak! I do not need them. I will not wear them. Even I go crazy and buy a pair I know I would not be wearing. I live in a really casual small city and most trends do not make sense here. Also in summers I am in Aegean part of Turkey (close to Greek islands), it is very hot there and I have a full closet from my previous Istanbul life and I do not even wear them cause of humid. Its like impossible to wear tulle or nylon as it is so hot. Tank tops, strappy tees and shorts are must haves for summer house. very casual very relaxed. I also lived in my sandals all summer while I was there - like a Roman Empire soldier. I really enjoyed not having socks on ever all the time while I was there. Its like a heaven to me. I care less about my clothes recently as I know life consists of many other things and I've got more issues than Vogue. 

Winter style is nonsense to me here in North as a tropic bird I live in my puffer coat which has a hood - must have a hood- I do not use my coats without hood anymore cause it almost rains everyday here in Aarhus in winters. Its august and I alredy do not wear shorts or slippers or sandals anymore here in Aarhus because its cold to me. Despite cold weather conditions and the fact that I am freezing in wintertime I would like to still constantly think about fashion and what to add to my style and what to wear with what. I love getting inspiration from street style images and celebrity candids. 

I love flare jeans recently. Flares and crop flare jeans. I can find many online flare jeans but as I checked stores in Aarhus most brands failed to get the trend on the shelves ready for trendhunters. HM in Aarhus is very late to put trends on the shelves as quick as Zara does in Turkey shops. Zara is the best brand to give tons of options when it comes to buy latest trends. I know Turkey is a textile country and lucky enough to recieve trends real quick and adopt them to shops. Danmark fails a bit in this thing. Bestseller shops I checked and did not find flare jeans (fx Only, Vero Moda). I also checked Salling, magasin, gina tricot, monki. No flare jeans. Weird. As a Swedish brand I know HM is more into skinny jeans and maybe obsessed with embellished everything and patches. But can we be over 90s now, HM? The only flares were red denim jeans but they were so tall and out of sizes. Do brands really know what WWD wrote recently that most searched words in pinterest is FLARE JEANS recently? I don't think so.

when its red trend, should all magazines do the red trend combining it with pink? Can it be ok or a fashion mistake to use pink and red together? what about those socks like boots Kendall Jenner made a trend? I would not. prefer. to buy. but its a big trend. still no.

Good job Zara. I need a Zara store in Aarhus, also a bigger Mango. thanks.

This winter all I dream is Isabel Marant ankle boots and a nice camel coat which I would love to wear but probably I will end up with a new puffer coat for ultra cold climates. Winter is coming!

Friday, August 18, 2017


I did not really like the cover so I just share 2 pictures from cover editorial of Bella in Vogue Spain September issue.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Here are some inspiration for fall 2017 denim fashion. This year we will be wearing flares and crop flare jeans. Don't hesitate to own alot of pairs! check chloe, isabel marant, frame jeans, zara as its also Spanish leg pants in Turkish meaning :)

Valla ben Flare Jean lerimi Türkiye'deyken aldım. Bu sezon flare moda. Denim modasını takibe aldım. Mavi jeans biran önce çeşit çeşit flare ve crop flare jeanler bekliyorum senden çünkü yazın kaç tane Mavi mağazasına gittiysem flare jean bulamadım, kapri şortlarla idare ettim. Denim etek de yoktu Mavilerde. Neden bilmem. Yurtdışında yaşamaya başladığımdan beri her Türkiye ye geldiğimde Mavi Jeans e defalarca uğruyorum. Kalıpları bana süper tam değil ama olsun. Defalarca çeşit çeşit kot denediğim doğrudur. Twist ve Zara ya uğrarsanız çok güzel Flare model jean ve kumaş pantolonları var.




She is wearing a colorful robe coat from Topshop

pic via Vogue USA



Sunday, June 25, 2017

2 gange

2 gang

MANGO linen shirt
135 DKK -

Cross front top

Unravel cropped pants
11.805 DKK -

Chloé black ankle booties
9.185 DKK -

Balenciaga blue purse
12.605 DKK -

Jérôme Dreyfuss leather shoulder bag
3.610 DKK -

Nolan Miller gold bangle
275 DKK -

Blue necklace
240 DKK -

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The 5 Minute CONTOUR makeup of TYRA BANKS

I will try her contour tips because they were the most easy, quick contouring tips in short time as I am a huge makeup junkie.

Thursday, June 1, 2017



Zimmermann ruffled dress
5.300 DKK -

Zimmermann asymmetrical dress
4.175 DKK -

Manolo Blahnik evening shoes
5.015 DKK -

Gianvito Rossi short boots
3.095 DKK -

Mar y Sol white handbag
855 DKK -

Cesca man bag
200 DKK -

Lanvin long necklace
8.580 DKK -

66 DKK -

Oliver Gal Artist Co canvas painting
1.060 DKK -